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Project Description
A VNC-Project in C# and WPF. Really free (BSD-License). Childproject of beRemote (

beeVNC is a project, that is under development for the remotedesktop managing program beRemote ( but can be implemented as a regular control in any other program.
beeVNC is the plugin, that supports VNC-connections.

Additionally we were forced to develop beeVNC because there is no really free implementation of the RFB-Protocol (aka VNC) so it is not possible to use it in closed-source-programs. Another reason was, that there is no implementation, that is native WPF.
So we decided to create a new library for VNC-Connections.

Here it is. Have fun with it! If you like to optimize it, just do it and share it with us!

beeVNC is ready to use! 
Currently only RAW-Encoding is supported 

If you find some bugs, please report them!


Keyboard Integration - Done 
Mouse Integration - Done
Performance Optimization - Done
Ctrl+Alt+Del etc. Integration - Done
Clipbaord Integration Client to Server - Done
Clipboard Integration Server to Client - Done

Scaling Integration - Done
Solving Issues - Done
Adding more Encodings - Todo


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