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bug with moving objects when using TightVNC Server


as you can see in the attatchment, when moving a window, beeVNC doesnt refresh a thin area at the border of the moved window. Also notice that the numbers inside the window (that changed) look wrong.

This issue can be reproduced with a TightVNC server, default settings (at least) on Windows XP and Windows 7 64bit.

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Hunv wrote Jun 18, 2013 at 4:15 PM

Thats an interesting issue because TightVNC doesn't send changes to Clients when using RAW in my testenvironment. So for me it looks like the TightVNC-Server has the problem.
What happens if you refresh the screen manually? Does this clear the borders?

Hunv wrote Jun 18, 2013 at 4:18 PM

To avoid a missunderstanding: beeVNC refreshes the whole screen every second when there was no changing frame on the screen. This interval can be configured or disabled.
In my tests only UltraVNC sends updated frames. RealVNC and TightVNC didn't send these updates, so beeVNC requests the screencontent in an interval.